How accurate are the script coverages provided by RivetAI?


Last Update 5 months ago

RivetAI's screenplay coverage reports are designed to offer a high degree of accuracy, using advanced AI algorithms trained on a vast range of scripts and scenarios.

However, it's important to note that RivetAI is currently in its beta phase. This means that while the system is already highly capable and able to deliver valuable insights, it is in a stage of continuous development and improvement. Our team is committed to continuously refining and improving our algorithms to provide more precise and useful coverage reports. As we engage with more customers and incorporate their invaluable feedback, and as we process more scripts to train our models, the accuracy and utility of our screenplay coverage reports will only improve. The more we learn about customer needs and challenges, the better we can tune our AI to meet them.

We also place the utmost importance on data privacy and security. Any data used to improve our models is fully anonymized and handled in strict compliance with all relevant privacy regulations and best practices. We understand the sensitive nature of creative content and are committed to ensuring it is protected and respected at all times. 

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